Why Use Yoni Oils?

When a friend told me she wanted to make Yoni Oils I didn’t get it. I asked why would anyone want to put oils on the vulva. She mentioned lubrication and that I understood. But why daily use, and outside of intercourse? Then I discovered the benefits for myself! And quite frankly, I have no intention of returning to a Yoni Oil free life!

My clients who tried my Yoni oils for the first time feel the same way. One shared with me that while on a Girl’s Trip, the other ladies began spraying perfume in their vaginal area while preparing to leave their hotel room for a party. She told them all they needed was the Yoni oil she bought from me. I wish more women knew they can go about their day and night confidently just from one or two drops of Jaceymoji Yoni oil in the mornings. Another client told me she’s so happy she doesn’t smell like urine when she gets home from work anymore. That client is a teacher, and teachers do not have the luxury of getting to the restroom whenever they need to, or even to spend the time to empty their bladders properly.

Jaceymoji Yoni oils are made with all organic oils and herbs. They are lightweight, for everyday use and feels like a small splash of cool water. You do not walk around feeling greasy. Instead, you feel fresh you’re odor free, and confident. In addition to odor protection, my oils also maintain vaginal pH so you don’t get infections, soothe irritation and bruises from a passionate encounter, prevent pain and dryness, and prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair. 

Yoni oils can also be used on other parts of the body. They are versatile because of the healing properties of their ingredients. Use Yoni oils as first aid on scrapes and cuts and to soothe pain, as a moisturizer on chapped skin, cuticles and to stop itching, as a make-up or eyelash remover, as after-shave, for aromatherapy and massages.

You may find so many more uses. Please share when you do! 



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